Stella Black Label

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Stella Black Label

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Age - 3 months ~ 36 months

Weight -3.5kg ~ 15kg 

Waist Belt - 61cm~112cm (24inch ~ 44inch)

Quality of Material - Nylon, Polyester

Components - Hipseat, mesh & cotton sleeping hoods and organic front & shoulder teething pads

Place of Origin - Korea

Safety Inspection - KC Safety Certification CB161R003-6001

Premium design and function

Stella Black Label is a special edition of Stella collection with premium design and function. Its comes with a 3 tier structure waist support that inserted with 3D mesh which relieves stuffiness by heat and sweat.

Reinforcing Back-support

A support (TPU Band) is placed inside the waist belt to protect the parents' waists. This allows one to hold a baby for a long period comfortably.

5 Waist Supports

The weight is distributed to the waist and shoulders therefore considerable weight is on the waist. 5 waist supports are installed in the waist belt. The supports support the waist and reduce waist pain due to long-hour use.

Opening Type Front Cover

Detach the front cover to enjoy excellent ventilation effect in the summer while keeping it on in the winter to protect the baby from the cold.