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A path to happiness for babies and families all over the world is the philosophy of YKBnC, a leading global corporation.

A path to happiness for babies and families all over the world” has been the motto and vision of YKBnC since our establishment in 1994.

We have continued to develop new technologies, adopt innovative ideas for continuous growth, and work to provide the best available options to our clients offering the best products.

In fact, we have developed and launched our own brand, Sorbebe, in 2012. With its Scandinavian-style design, Sorbebe has won numerous awards including the Australian International Design Prize and Excellent Design Prize a year after its launching. In particular, it was awarded the Grand Prize of Premium Brand in 2013 and was selected as a notable product in 2014. As a result of continuous innovative planning, development, production and service process, Sorbebe now competes with other major baby carrier brands and is particularly drawing much attention in the global market. Along with the successful launch of Sorbebe, we have developed a new baby-carriage fashion accessories brand, Cloren. Clearly, we have firmly established and positioned ourselves as the leading specialized baby-product company. Regardless of such success, we continue to develop our unique technologies and provide customized service as the leading baby product company recognized for hipseats and baby carriers.

To remain competitive in the global market, YKBnC will continue to strive to develop the world’s best products and venture into the global market, growing as a world-renowned baby product manufacturer.


Sorbebe is a premium baby product brand that reflects the parenting minds of Northern European parents who care much about improving emotional connection and bond with their children, as it is practical and pursues environment friendly lifestyle.


Sorbebe uses colors that reflect the beautiful nature in Northern Europe and modern design to represent great emotion such as a mother’s love.


Sorbebe operates an R&D department that works to provide the best products of practical design, proposing rational consumer spending. All Sorbebe products have human touch but also display technology.


Sorbebe has received numerous awards from institutions with high standards for quality evaluation along with reputable organizations representing consumers.

2012 Design for Kids

2012 Australian International Design Award

2013,2014,2015 Premium Brand Award, Grand Prize

2014 Hot & Promising Product Award

2015 Korea Customer Surprise Brand Award, Grand Prize

2015 Korea Customer Satisfaction Brand Award, Grand Prize

2015 Moneytoday Hit Awards

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