Airo Robic Dark Mint

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Airo Robic Dark Mint


Age - 3 months ~ 36 months

Weight - 3.5kg ~ 15kg

Waist Belt - 61cm~112cm (24inch ~ 44inch)

Quality of Material - Nylon 100%(Outer), Polyester 100%(Inner)

Components - Hipseat, organic shoulder teething pads and cotton sleeping hood

Place of Origin - Korea and Vietnam

Safety Inspection - KC Safety Certified No. B391H032-3001

Ultra-light 644g

At 644g (accessories included), Airo boasts the lightest weight compared with other light products.

Outdoor Material Robic

Fabric is light but very strong against friction or damage and easy to clean. This fabric is frequently used to make outdoor products.

What is Robic?

Robic is stronger than regular nylon and strong against friction and damage. The material has a far lower absorption rate than cotton, proving to have a great waterproof effect. Moreover, it has little to no effect on other clothing, so there is no need to worry about contamination during laundry.

Ergonomic Design

Airo provides a comfortable fit with its curved shoulder straps to fit the body type and support (TPU Band) for the waist.

5 Waist Supports

The weight is distributed to the waist and shoulders therefore considerable weight is on the waist. 5 waist supports are installed in the waist belt. The supports support the waist and reduce waist pain due to long-hour use.

Excellent ventilation and cushion

Air mesh fabric inside the back panel provides excellent cushion and ventilation.